Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun With Friends

I’ve recently gotten lucky with a couple of Ali+Friends shots that have made me very happy:

1. Ali+AJ:IMG_9239
2. Ali+Luke (who very conveniently totally matched that day):IMG_9267

In between my very couchy days of late, we’ve had quite a bit of fun with friends.

On Memorial Day, AJ (and family) came over for a cookout and play time.

Ali and AJ went back and forth from the pool…IMG_9399

To the trampoline…


To the pool…


And back to the trampoline (where Tessa joined them)…
IMG_9397At least 79 times.

If only there were a way to combine those two activities…without broken ankles or busted trampolines.

We also went to The McWane Center with AJ…IMG_9377

Where the water table smocks totally gave away how much they’ve grown since their first visit:IMG_4652
Oh, and the length of their hair.

Speaking of hair, the tornado really did their curls some favors:IMG_9379

And, apparently, AJ thought it made a great facial as well.IMG_9381

They then proceeded to tell about the Tornado on the weather channel:IMG_9386

But Ali’s FAVORITE friend lately has been Daddy, hands down.

She is completely and totally obsessed with Daddy right now, to the point that she did something unprecedented: she snuggled up to him at dinner and said, “Mommy, can you take a picture of us together?”

That child never wants her picture taken. The love of Daddy is strong with her right now. Very strong.

She and Daddy had fun making Dirt Cake. Most especially the crushing the Oreos part…Ali donned her Ninja headband, Chris armed her with a bowling pin, and set her to work.IMG_9260
None survived. Except for the one cookie that was saved as a reward for all the hard work.



Giann said...

Cute, cute, cute! :) I think you mean Memorial Day though not Labor Day! haha....its okay.

Christen said...

Great pictures!
That's so sweet that Ali asked to have her picture taken with Chris!

Rachel said...

Giann - Yup! I'm Pregnant...what can I say? :)