Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Was Made for Trampolines…

Now that it finally quit raining, Ali and I have been spending hours on the trampoline, trying to make up for lost time:





She wanted to take a picture of ME jumping:
IMG_3878Photography lessons might be in order.

After practicing her Hot Dog Rolls for Gymnastics, she looked like a Chia Ali:


She also practiced her Seat Jumps for Gymnastics, all while squealing, “Coach D would be SO PROUD!!!”


Luke came over, so we got to introduce him to the amazing world of trampolining:IMG_3930
Ali, of course, gave lessons:IMG_3932
While Luke watched very intently:IMG_3936

And then set off, mirroring his coach:


He MIGHT have been a bit intimidated:

And he MIGHT need some work on his jumping trajectory:

But overall, I think he liked it.IMG_3929


Kitty Engle said...

All the pictures are great, but, you know there must be a but, I am a little worried about this Ali and Luke thing. They are spending a very large amount of time together. Do think they are getting to serious?

This Is The Day said...

Haha, I love the chia hair. :) I always forget to come over here and check the new posts. I'm glad I can see them on FB now. I love the little things posts! I need to start writing those little sayings down now that K is starting to talk well.

Gina said...

Very cute. I loved Ali's hair that has static cling. It's super funny. :) :) Glad she's enjoying her trampoline. I think she needs photography lessons as to capture the whole you and not just your feet. :) :) haha.

Christen said...

Love the Chia Ali picture, very funny!
I'm glad Ali was able to teach Luke how to jump on the trampoline, he had a great time with you guys last week!

Jake said...

So cute, they remind me my little nephew when I bough a trampoline from for his birthday gift. He was so happy and love it, even stayed on the trampoline whole day without leaving. This was wonderful moment.