Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's the Yittle Fings: Part Ten

Having a cat named Oreo can cause confusion at times. We were at Firehouse the other day, and Ali got her customary pack of Oreo Cookies with her grilled cheese. The naming has never bothered her before, but this week it hit her. She vehemently argued with us every time we mentioned them - "They're NOT Oreo cookies - they're ALI cookies!!!!!"

She randomly started the following conversation the other day:

Ali: "Where is God and Jesus' house?"

Me: "In Heaven....we'll go there one day and see them!"

Ali: "Will God have special treats for us in heaven?"

Me: "Oh yes - many special treats - and we'll all live in castles!!"

Ali: "Ooooh...Snow White and the Prince live in a Castle...they live in Heaven!"

Me: "Not exactly...."

This morning, Ali wanted to play Mommy and Baby. She declared that I was the baby and she was the Mommy.

Heh heh...chance for revenge.

We were in the car, so I decided to make completely unreasonable requests.

Me: "I am hungry. Can you feed me?"

Ali: (She picks at the flowers on her pants) "Here's some cake. Do you want cake?"

Me: "I wanna go play in the living room!"

Ali: "There's not a living room in the car."

Me: "But I wanna go play in the living room!"

Ali: "There's not a living room in the car! .... Do you want to take a nap in a few minutes?"

Me: "No. Are you tired of me?"

Ali: "Are you being difficult?"

Me: "Yes. I'm being difficult. I wanna play in the living room!!"

Ali: "Can you find your happy heart for me?"

I think I enjoyed the role reversal a bit too much. Not so sure about her.

We've been learning what all of the cars are called. Not really for any purpose other than passing the time in the car, and surely it grows some extra brain synapses somewhere to pick up useless trivia.

In case you're wondering, Ali's favorite cars seem to be Jeeps and Chevy Suburbans. I guess she's an SUV type of girl.

Thank goodness she doesn't want a minivan either.

Anyway, another thing that she's been doing is making up things that "she did as a baby" or that "she will do when she's a big girl", and sometimes they get all convoluted.

This morning, I heard this constant stream of chatter from the back seat:

"That truck is hot. When I get bigger I used to have a hot big rig. A hot pink big rig. I used to have a Pink Jeep. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14..15..16..17..18..19..20. I used to have 20 pink big rigs and jeeps."

We might need to work on her materialism issue a bit.

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Christen said...

Love the role reversal, it's amazing to me how Ali knows exactly what to say as a mommy :)