Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orphaned Photos of The Week, Part Four:

Now that it’s gotten colder, we’ve had to add a workout suit to our Gymnastics getup: IMG_4648
…and a ponytail, to cut down on the hair in the eyes:

Chris, Ali and I went to the Mellow Mushroom to get Pizza and meet a Social Media friend, Eric, a week ago, and Ali was in LOVE with all of the artwork, especially the chairs. Who knew that druggy art was so appealing to toddlers? Makes sense, I suppose…

While tailgating on Saturday, I got antsy, so I started picking up pecans in our tailgating spot. I was much more successful than I thought I would be:

I then applied my constant-need-to-be-doing-something to shelling said pecans, and was much LESS successful than I thought I would be:IMG_4684
Anyone want to come over and help me shell pecans?

There was a guy sitting on our row at the ballgame that had very troubling hair: black at the roots, white on the tips, and the consistency of teddy bear fur:
IMG_4691I was very confused by this, until he took his visor off, and the hair came with it.


Eli came over and “jumped” with Ali on the trampoline again before lunch on Sunday.

He had some pretty cool tricks up his sleeve, such as the toe touch:IMG_4699

And the goal post:


Ali worked on her Soccer moves:IMG_4697
But he didn’t mind being kicked around.
I THOUGHT I had photographical proof that he did make it off the ground, but upon further investigation, one foot is still down:

Oh well, with all of this instruction from his big cousin, he’s sure to figure out jumping in no time.

After lunch on Sunday, Mom gifted Ali with more cotton candy:IMG_4719

She was quite proud of that blue tongue.

Christmas decorations are already out at the mall, so Ashley and I let the girls go play at Sears on Monday. They love to just run around the Christmas displays, observe, and chat. So we sit in the nearby outdoor furniture display, watch, and chat. It’s a win/win!



Yup, the Holidays have officially arrived.


Christen said...

Ali looks so much more grown up with the workout suit and ponytail!
I didn't know the Christmas decorations were already out, we need to go check them out! I was just thinking about getting out my Christmas music after Halloween :)

Kitty Engle said...

Love it Love it Love it!!!!

Marie said...

Love the new warm up suit! And the purple tongue!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a small world - the photo of the guy with the hair sticking out of the visor passed by our tailgating tent about 10. What a game!!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your daughter is adorable!
Roll Tide!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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