Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's the Yittle Fings: Part Eleven

As we were riding in the car the other day, Ali randomly popped out with this enlightening piece of information: "I'm going to marry a girl and AJ is going to marry a boy."

"No, baby, you are both girls, so you will both marry boys."


Glad we got that cleared up.
We were playing tea the other day, and she was pouring.

"Here's the tea and here's the coffee..."

Then, as she poured another one into my cup, I said, "Is that the creamer?"

"No, it's the macaroni and cheese."


Then, as she poured each one again, she gave me a running commentary: "Here's the tea, juice, juice, macaroni and cheeeeeeese, juice..."
Our Gymnastics got canceled one week. She had been so excited about it the day before, and I had found out after she went to bed. So I came in her room the next morning, and said, "I have some bad news."

She was quiet for a minute, and then said, "You feel bad?"

"No, I have some bad NEWS. We won't get to go to gymnastics today."

Silence. Then she said, "I prayed in bed. I prayed for your bad news."
One of the girls in my High School Life Group, Cara, got a pink hair streak for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ali was mesmerized. She now refers to Cara as "Cara and her pink hair".

The first day that she saw it, she gave us a running commentary on the way home: "Where's Cara and her pink hair? I should have pink hair. Mommy should have green hair and Daddy should have red hair. But I should have pink hair. Can I have pink hair like Cara and her pink hair?"
Jennifer came over to borrow some clothes for Amy Beth, who is a year younger than Ali. Ali wasn't very nice and didn't want to share. She even cried about sharing. I was horrified - are we about to go through a selfish phase?

But we had a good talk afterwards, and talked about how she didn't have any fun when her friends came over because she was too busy being selfish.

The next week, we saw Amy Beth at Church. Ali pointed - "Hey Mommy, there's Amy Beth...remember when she came over and I was selfish and missed my chance to have fun?"

It actually was a huge blessing that they came over that day, because it helped me and Ali to prepare for Radford staying with us for two days the next week. And she was absolutely awesome with thank you, Amy Beth, for bearing the brunt of Ali's selfishness!
Ali was having Macaroni and Cheese and Chocolate Milk for lunch one day. She dropped a piece of Macaroni in her milk, and I thought she hadn't noticed...

But she had. She ever-so-calmly picked up her straw, speared the Cheesy Macaroni at the bottom of her glass, and ate the now chocolatey-cheesy-macaroni right off the straw.



Christen said...

Sounds like Ali like a little mac n cheese with her drinks :) If Luke heard about that he'd jump at the chance to try it, mac n cheese & chocolate milk are 2 of his favorite things!

Wade's World said...

How cute is she? I'm thinking very cute!

Jennifer said...

I love these posts! And I'm glad Amy Beth was able to help Ali out. : ) And don't be horrified, it helped me feel better to know that you don't have a totally perfect child after all. (Just almost perfect.)