Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mommy Art, 201

So back in January I walked you through my first attempt at a particular form of art that I love, but seeing as how I was born with no art skills, wasn’t sure if I could pull off. Here were the results:

After getting all excited about the fact that I could, in fact, have a little fun with a paintbrush, I immediately went out and bought a TON more art supplies.

However, those supplies sat, lonely and unused in my closet, until this month.

Hey – if I crank out a masterpiece every 10 months, I’ll be famous in, like, never!

Anyway, for some reason, the mood hit me, so a couple of weeks ago I started doodling a similarly styled painting:IMG_4148

Yeah – it started out REALLY similarly styled.

I then drew it on my canvas:IMG_4147(the dirty marks are where I used my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of my screw-ups. I know – aren’t I so professional??)

And then I started to paint, this time with a metallic set of paints:


It only took a few days of short sessions of painting this time (the second time is always so much quicker than the first time when trying new things), and I finished it:IMG_4442

I had an art appraiser come by to inspect my work:IMG_4419

She was VERY thorough, and, according to my painting, a bit intrusive:

And, I suppose, made sure that none rubbed off on her hands,IMG_4417
She even checked the back to make sure I hadn’t painted over a Picasso or something:
She finally approved, and it was allowed to be hung (upside down from the way that I planned on hanging it, thanks to the advice of my husband):IMG_4431


And Voila!

It was fun, and quite stress-relieving! …and much less difficult this time.

And – I’m sure you’re wondering what Ali worked on during my short painting sessions. She was working on art herself - “Stacking”, as she called it:IMG_4447

Works for me.


Jackamo said...

Love it! I just got a watercolor set for my bday, and I can't wait to try it out. Hmmm, interested in doing a Sips N Strokes with me sometime before the holidays??

Marie said...

I like it but I'm not artistic at all so I don't know how much that counts. :)

Gina said...

It's a pretty painting. I wish I was artistic...Oh well. :) :)

auflutterfly said...

I love it! I would love to start painting again. Your art inspector is the cutest one I have ever seen!