Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Episode Three.

This was a while back – the last time Ali and I went to Edgar’s. As we were leaving, she wanted to sit on the bench:


Which led to staring at this fellow:IMG_3320

We sat and stared and talked about him for at least half an hour. It was one of those moments where I totally let go of anything else I wanted to do and just enjoyed listening to a toddler’s mind.

“He has a REALLY big head.”

“What’s that on top of his head? It’s really high.”

“He has a REALLY big tummy.”

“What’s his name? Is he Edgar?”

Of course he was Edgar. By the time we left, we were Edgar’s best friend.

I need more moments like that.

I worked in the nursery a week ago. I was in the toddlers, one class below Ali. Cousin Eli was in there, and he got under the table and built himself a barricade:IMG_4098

What I DIDN’T realize until a minute later was that it wasn’t a barricade.

It was a stall door.

He was pooping.


Barkley sent Ali two dollars. This is the first money that Ali has ever received (or at least since she was cognizant regarding the powers of money). She was mesmerized:IMG_4139
And thrilled:

When I asked her what she wanted to do with them, she was quick to answer: “buy cookies!!!”

The other night, we had the most artistic of family evenings. I was working on a painting:IMG_4177

Chris was playing the piano:IMG_4171

And Ali was vacillating between helping him playIMG_4183

and dancing.IMG_4169

It really was wonderful – the most relaxing of evenings that I can remember in a long time. More arts and entertainment, please!

And finally, a couple of pictures that I've been playing with in Photoshop:IMG_4392Edited



Kitty Engle said...

"buy cookies" you mean mommy has not taught her about saving yet? I am so surprised. I am so jealous of your "relaxing" evening, looks like the perfect family.

Christen said...

At least Eli is private about it :)

Lindsay said...

That's my boy... ;)