Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday, Extra Edition

Ali was very excited AND helpful in the goody-bag making process… she picked each individual present for each friend, and only asked for a few pieces of their candy – surprising, to say the least. IMG_6739
I conveniently kept a cupcake from Christen’s contribution to our National Championship watching party from the night before for Ali to have for breakfast on her birthday:


Thanks, Christen, for making me look like supermom!

We took Ali to The Olive Garden that night for dinner, where Chris did something that he has NEVER been allowed to do for me: He had the wait staff sing to her.

As you can see here, she was just as thrilled as I would have been:

IMG_6846Maybe she was just confused.

She watched me ice her cake Saturday morning..IMG_6859And then was quite ready for her Birthday party!

She really enjoyed watching her older friends do more daring tricks than she’d ever dream of attempting:IMG_6875
And also liked watching Greg flip the other kids down the ramp, again, something she’d never let him do for her:IMG_6894

Caden liked the tumble track…

And Nathaniel liked the Rope Swing.IMG_6908

EVERYONE liked the trampolines. IMG_6927

Especially when they were allowed to jump into The Pit FROM the Trampolines.IMG_6925

And Tessa? Well, she just liked all of the un-fought-for attention she got while all of the other kids were occupied.IMG_6979


Christen said...

I must say that the goody bags were awesome! The little treasures have provided hours of entertainment at our house, and I had forgotten how much I LOVE PEZ! ;)
I also thought it was a great idea to have separate girl & boy plates/napkins/goody bags...Luke loved the Cars stuff!
From the look Ali had in the Olive Garden picture I think Ali will soon make the same no-birthday-singing-at-restaurants rule!
Ryan would KILL me if I ever got the restaurant staff to sing to him, he hates to have any attention on him. :)

Marie said...

Love that face!