Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Place to Sleep.

Chris and I have considered this for a long time, but this year was the year we finally got around to it.

We decided to get new, matching bedroom furniture.

For the first time in our marriage.

Our bedroom was a hodge-podge of family furniture (including this dangerously sharp-handled piece that sent my sleepwalking self to the emergency room),IMG_6532

An unused cat perch,IMG_6534
And cheap furniture that we bought when we got married or even had before that: IMG_6537
And so, we set out to actually have a MATCHING bedroom. It was an arduous process, involving visiting EVERY furniture store in Birmingham.

However, it was greatly aided by the fact that Chris and I apparently have the EXACT same taste – a very handy thing for a marriage.

But, we finally got it (at Mazer’s – and they were great to deal with, as opposed to the nightmare that we went through to get Ali’s big girl bed from Ashley Furniture).

Here’s the before:IMG_6535

And the after:IMG_6644

The mirror that Chris bought me for Christmas matches perfectly:

AND we even got an extra piece, the entertainment center.IMG_6648

The one thing I really love about it is the size – the furniture is all much bigger and taller than our old pieces, which, oddly enough, makes the room feel bigger.

Now we just need to get the walls decorated. Any suggestions?


Mama Hen said...

Love it, love it, love it. The black looks great with your walls. No idea about the decorating though. I just put up lots of pictures of my kiddos.

Christen said...

Love the new furniture, it looks great! I'm terrible at the decorating thing, I always have to get my mom to help me!

Lianne said...

Pretty! And LOOK!!! You made up your bed! :)

Marie said...

Very nice! You should call Donna (Ann Marie's mom) about your walls. She is amazing!

Southern Web Girl said...

Looks fabulous! For the walls, I'm thinking painted a pretty sage green or even the Restoration Hardware gray that everyone talks about, with white trim.

And i think a big, bold piece of art aboe the bed would look great.

Southern Web Girl said...

Here's the Restoration Hardware paint I was talking about. All my favorite bloggers are painting their rooms the Silver Sage color.