Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Fourteen

My Mom's cat is not very nice, and Mom has drilled this into Ali and Eli's heads so that they'll leave her alone to spare their good health. It's stuck with Ali. On the way to Gramamma's the other day, Ali was wearing a new Princess Crown. She told me excitedly,

"I want to show Gramamma and Pop and Nick and Shadow and their Un-Sweet Kitty Cat my crown!!!"
Randomly, she informed me, "Only girls can be Princesses, Mommy. Not Ryan, though."

I'm not sure if she was implying that Ryan was a girl but couldn't be a Princess, or if she was just making sure to EMPHASIZE the fact that he could not, under any circumstances, be a Princess.
After I took some pictures of her (and apparently saying "Say Cheese!!!" one too many times), she said, "I want to see my cheeses now."
Anytime we go to the Post Office (to mail all of your wonderful prizes and whatnot), Ali LOVES throwing things away in their swinging door trash can. I always give her my scraps as I'm finishing up my packages, and she's a happy girl.

The other day we went in, and I didn't have any trash. She begged for some, and I told her I didn't have any. So she said, "Well do you have some money so that you can buy me some trash?"
Overheard conversation with herself in the backseat: "I don't have a stepmother that lives at my house. I don't have mean girls there either."

Thank goodness. That'd be a bit awkward if she had a Stepmother that lived here too.
We were at Target going through the after Christmas clearance items, and she wanted to hold a roll of wrapping paper. I obliged, but then she wanted one for the other hand. I said no, and kept looking at what I was looking at.

She walked over until she was right in front of me, lifted up her empty hand as high as she could get it, and said desperately, "But this hand is so SAAAAAAAD!"

She made me laugh, so I awarded her a second roll.

However, she now thinks this is a great trick. She tried it again the other day with something else, and I didn't give in. So she got even more pitiful sounding and said, "But this hand is CRYING now!!!"

Wow, she's going to be a little manipulator.
Chris took down our Christmas lights, something she was none too happy about. She apparently was so unhappy with him that she gave him a Daddy demotion. As we were pulling into the driveway the other day, she said sadly, "Did Chris take down the Christmas lights, Mommy?"
Her new big girl bed has a pull-out trundle that looks like a drawer under her bed. We refer to it as "AJ's Bed."

AJ was to have her debut Thursday night for our New Year's Eve party, so of course it was a constant topic of conversation throughout the day.

Once, she asked, "Does AJ have an Ali bed like I have an AJ bed?"

And then later, she worriedly said, "Is Ashley going to close her up in the bed?"

I guess the drawer-ness of it was really confusing her.
We've been playing Princesses in her dollhouse quite a bit. The other day, we got Ariel all dressed in the wedding dress and ready to get married. I asked her where the prince was, and she said in a very irritated voice, "He's on the COUCH."

Silly Typical Prince.


Giann said...

Soo funny!

Marie said...

Thanks for the chuckles! Ali is a mess. This hand is so sad. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Christen said...

Ryan will be so relieved that there is no chance that he will ever be a princess...he was, however, once a king (I'll have to blog about that sometime). :)
I hope that you did find some trash for Ali to throw away!

Lindsay said...

Super cute! This is most definitely my favorite thing that you post. I love it!