Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Seven.

Ali was pretending to go to sleep at her three-year-old doctor visit…that strategy will be helpful later if she ever hates going.IMG_6747Luckily, she currently LOVES to visit Doctor Amy, so it’s just for pretend fun.

Ali was playing by herself the other day, and I came in to find this bit of imaginative artwork: IMG_6750

Princesses have eyes made of money. Kinda fitting. IMG_6749

Ali and Abby playing video games together:IMG_6808
Ali and I made a Paperoni butterfly – a kit she got for her birthday from Gina. She loved it! She is quite proud of her butterfly.IMG_7076

Ali wanted to wear her Princess shoes to my parent’s house the other day. She kept her feet up in the air the entire ride because “This is how Princesses have to sit to keep their shoes on.”IMG_7095
Ali “winking” at me:IMG_7113

And being cute in general:IMG_7115 IMG_7112
Ali and Daddy waiting around at the mall for me:IMG_7119

I worked in the nursery on Sunday. See if you can figure out, of all of the wonderful toys we had, what was the one that everyone fought over and yanked from each other:IMG_7120



And I got a little gaggle of ducklings following me around after I pulled out my camera:IMG_7123Bunch of hams.


Mama Hen said...

You are so right about the toys!

Rachel said...

Her outfits KILL me! Can you take me shopping and teach me how to dress please?

mlambchopper said...

Ali has "child star" written all over her! I'm going to send you an e-mail about a site that Randy subscribes to. I love these pictures of her at the Dr.'s office. ;) As usual, you gave me a smile today.

Christen said...

I'm impressed that Ali was able to sit like that all the way to your parents' house, that's a long drive in a very uncomfortable position :)

Lindsay said...

Cute pics!

I'm sure my child was the primary hat stealer.... Still working on that sharing thing.

Marie said...

What strong abs Ali has!