Monday, January 4, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Six.

Pop reading to Ali and Eli on Christmas eve..

Ali’s bed railing has a cupholder on it. Of course we haven’t told her that it’s to hold a drink, so she’s found an alternative use for it:IMG_6486

IMG_6488Good thing she can’t read yet.

Ali got really cozy with Kitty when they were finding objects in her look and find book:IMG_6590

And even her toes got in on the finding action.IMG_6591
A few pictures of the madness before the kids went to bed at our New Year’s Eve Party:IMG_6699

Ali was a good Princess Hostess…


She even shared her Princess Accessories.

Including with the boys, but I’m too fearful of my life to post those pictures.

The next day, all of Ali’s princesses were missing. I searched EVERYWHERE for them. It took forever, but I finally found them..IMG_6708

Why does somebody always have to get iced?


Giann said...

Maybe those boys were getting you back for taking their picture! haha. lol.

This Is The Day said...

Wow, that is a pretty awesome bed rail! Ours is just plain white, but it does slide under that mattress when they aren't sleeping. Definitely not as cool as a cupholder. :)

Love the princess photos, she is too cute!

Christen said...

My, what a fancy bed rail! But, why in the world would you want to leave a drink in the bed with your kid, doesn't that just scream disaster!
Poor Princesses, they were just trying to sneak some food when no one was's not proper for princesses to pig out in front of guests. :)

Marie said...

Too funny what happens to the toys after several kids have been playing with them. It took me days to find all the little people from Jack's assorted playsets one time. Turns out that his cousin who had been visiting got all the people together for a party so maybe the fridge was the princesses' private clubhouse?