Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Seventeen

We were watching Gymnastics, and Ali shouted, "They just said her name was Ariel!!!"

"No, they said she did an aerial move."

"Oh. She did an Ariel move!!! She's going to do a Cinderella move next!!"
I was trying to explain germs to Ali. After a long explanation, I said, "So that's why we don't kiss when we're sick...because we could get each other's germs."

Ali, in a completely-I-Understand-the-world-now voice, "So we would cry when we're sick."
The other morning, Ali was singing/screaming at the top of her lungs, quite happily, from bed the WHOLE time I was trying to do my bible study.

When I finished and I was going to go get her, she quit, and had gotten VERY quiet.

Surely she didn't fall back asleep?

I walked in her room, and she promptly informed me, "I got really tired from all that singing."
Ali, looking down in the potty, "My tee-tee!!! It's yellow like Belle's dress!!!!" (She happened to be wearing Belle panties at the time. Gotta love it when your pee is color-coordinated.)
"It's too hard for me to kiss my nose."
A: "I was feeding Ariel some fruit."

Me: "What kind of fruit did you give Ariel?"

A: "It was a Mustache Fruit."


Jackamo said...

I love Ali. Pure and simple.

Giann said...

She is So Funny!!!!! Love it!

Marie said...

Wow! A Cinderella move. I bet that's awesome. I just love all these Ali-isms.

Christen said...

I just love these posts!