Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Sixteen

Ali stuck out her middle finger at Chris the other day and said "Kiss It!!" He looked at her questioning, and she explained: "... it hurts."
Ali and I were at a restaurant the other day, and she told me, "I'm going to go sit in the corner and eat my Christmas Pie now, okay? ..... but I'm going to say what a good GIRL am I."
Ali told me the other day, "When I look at you I'm just...I'm just happy!!!"
I had to wake her up the other day, and she sat up and said "My foots found a friend!"

(one of her stuffed animals got to the bottom of the bed and her foot rubbed up against it.)
Random Ali Quote: "Boys pretend to be girls and girls pretend to be boys, but they're not. Boys are boys and girls are girls."
Chris: "I love you Ali!"

Me: "I love you Ali!"


Me: "Who do you love, Ali?"

Ali: "I don't love anyone."

Me (quoting her earlier comments throughout the day): "You don't love anyone, you don't want to go anywhere, you don't want to eat anything...are you a teenager?"

Ali: "No! I'm just a tippy-toed girl!!"
Chris took Ali on a Daddy/Daughter date to Yogurt Mountain. After eating Frozen Yogurt for a few minutes, she chided him: "You should have brought my jacket."

"Why, baby? Are you cold?"

"My tummy is cold."


Mama Hen said...

I love the one about looking at you and being happy. Don't you wish you could just bottle up their sweetness?

Lindsay said...

Good stuff.

Micha said...

Too funny. Sometimes I think the only difference between toddlers and teens is toddlers don't ask for the car keys.

Marie said...

LOL! I just love these yittle fings!