Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Seventeen

We were watching Gymnastics, and Ali shouted, "They just said her name was Ariel!!!"

"No, they said she did an aerial move."

"Oh. She did an Ariel move!!! She's going to do a Cinderella move next!!"
I was trying to explain germs to Ali. After a long explanation, I said, "So that's why we don't kiss when we're sick...because we could get each other's germs."

Ali, in a completely-I-Understand-the-world-now voice, "So we would cry when we're sick."
The other morning, Ali was singing/screaming at the top of her lungs, quite happily, from bed the WHOLE time I was trying to do my bible study.

When I finished and I was going to go get her, she quit, and had gotten VERY quiet.

Surely she didn't fall back asleep?

I walked in her room, and she promptly informed me, "I got really tired from all that singing."
Ali, looking down in the potty, "My tee-tee!!! It's yellow like Belle's dress!!!!" (She happened to be wearing Belle panties at the time. Gotta love it when your pee is color-coordinated.)
"It's too hard for me to kiss my nose."
A: "I was feeding Ariel some fruit."

Me: "What kind of fruit did you give Ariel?"

A: "It was a Mustache Fruit."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Seven.

Ali was pretending to go to sleep at her three-year-old doctor visit…that strategy will be helpful later if she ever hates going.IMG_6747Luckily, she currently LOVES to visit Doctor Amy, so it’s just for pretend fun.

Ali was playing by herself the other day, and I came in to find this bit of imaginative artwork: IMG_6750

Princesses have eyes made of money. Kinda fitting. IMG_6749

Ali and Abby playing video games together:IMG_6808
Ali and I made a Paperoni butterfly – a kit she got for her birthday from Gina. She loved it! She is quite proud of her butterfly.IMG_7076

Ali wanted to wear her Princess shoes to my parent’s house the other day. She kept her feet up in the air the entire ride because “This is how Princesses have to sit to keep their shoes on.”IMG_7095
Ali “winking” at me:IMG_7113

And being cute in general:IMG_7115 IMG_7112
Ali and Daddy waiting around at the mall for me:IMG_7119

I worked in the nursery on Sunday. See if you can figure out, of all of the wonderful toys we had, what was the one that everyone fought over and yanked from each other:IMG_7120



And I got a little gaggle of ducklings following me around after I pulled out my camera:IMG_7123Bunch of hams.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Sixteen

Ali stuck out her middle finger at Chris the other day and said "Kiss It!!" He looked at her questioning, and she explained: "... it hurts."
Ali and I were at a restaurant the other day, and she told me, "I'm going to go sit in the corner and eat my Christmas Pie now, okay? ..... but I'm going to say what a good GIRL am I."
Ali told me the other day, "When I look at you I'm just...I'm just happy!!!"
I had to wake her up the other day, and she sat up and said "My foots found a friend!"

(one of her stuffed animals got to the bottom of the bed and her foot rubbed up against it.)
Random Ali Quote: "Boys pretend to be girls and girls pretend to be boys, but they're not. Boys are boys and girls are girls."
Chris: "I love you Ali!"

Me: "I love you Ali!"


Me: "Who do you love, Ali?"

Ali: "I don't love anyone."

Me (quoting her earlier comments throughout the day): "You don't love anyone, you don't want to go anywhere, you don't want to eat anything...are you a teenager?"

Ali: "No! I'm just a tippy-toed girl!!"
Chris took Ali on a Daddy/Daughter date to Yogurt Mountain. After eating Frozen Yogurt for a few minutes, she chided him: "You should have brought my jacket."

"Why, baby? Are you cold?"

"My tummy is cold."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Candles and Cake.

Blowing out the candles at my third birthday party…

Ali blowing out the candles at her third birthday party.


Notice that kids haven’t changed much – you just can’t help but make the blow-out-the-candles face when someone is attempting extinguishment.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday, Extra Edition

Ali was very excited AND helpful in the goody-bag making process… she picked each individual present for each friend, and only asked for a few pieces of their candy – surprising, to say the least. IMG_6739
I conveniently kept a cupcake from Christen’s contribution to our National Championship watching party from the night before for Ali to have for breakfast on her birthday:


Thanks, Christen, for making me look like supermom!

We took Ali to The Olive Garden that night for dinner, where Chris did something that he has NEVER been allowed to do for me: He had the wait staff sing to her.

As you can see here, she was just as thrilled as I would have been:

IMG_6846Maybe she was just confused.

She watched me ice her cake Saturday morning..IMG_6859And then was quite ready for her Birthday party!

She really enjoyed watching her older friends do more daring tricks than she’d ever dream of attempting:IMG_6875
And also liked watching Greg flip the other kids down the ramp, again, something she’d never let him do for her:IMG_6894

Caden liked the tumble track…

And Nathaniel liked the Rope Swing.IMG_6908

EVERYONE liked the trampolines. IMG_6927

Especially when they were allowed to jump into The Pit FROM the Trampolines.IMG_6925

And Tessa? Well, she just liked all of the un-fought-for attention she got while all of the other kids were occupied.IMG_6979

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Fifteen

We've been having quite the cold snap in Alabama. The coldest it's been for the longest period of time in 25 YEARS. Ali, however, is proving to have her Daddy's thermostat.

I was trying to get her coat on her, and explained, "It's F-F-F-F-FREEEEEEZING outside!!!"

She answered, "It's not f-f-f-f-freezing. It's just a little cold."
I was going through the drive-thru at CVS, and she was wanting me to hurry up. I said "Okay, I've just gotta leave my prescription. "

She got all worried and said, "Don't LEAVE it!!! It will be lost!!!"
I was reminding Ali, "When you need to poo poo, be sure to tell me."

Ali: "Ok. When YOU need to poo poo, I will tell YOU."

(Then she gets this dramatic desperate voice that she MIGHT have heard me use to her), "Hold it, Mommy, Hold it!!! Don't tee tee in your panties!!!!!"
Ali woke up from her nap one day laughing hysterically. I went upstairs, and I asked her what she was laughing about.

"I was laughing at Amanda's mean girls at her house. They have a lot of do's."

(Amanda - what have you been telling her about Ashley??!!)
Ali ran out of her favorite thing, PEZ. She asked for more, and I said, "You ate them all".

Ali: "No I didn't."

Me (knowing there were more in the pantry but hoping she didn't know that): "Yes you did - remember there were two packs on the kitchen table and you ate them?"

Ali: "But can I have some from the...from door?"
Chris was getting her in the car, and I heard the following conversation:

Chris: "Ow!"

Ali: "I scratched you."

Chris: "That's okay, it was an accident."

Ali: "No it wasn't."
The other day, the three of us were eating dinner at the table. Ali needed to go tee-tee. She got up from her chair, walked over to my chair, got right in my face, eye to eye, and said in this seriously grave voice, "Please don't eat my supper while I'm gone, Mommy."

"Okay, baby."

Then, she walked purposefully over to Chris, got right in his face, eye to eye, and said, "Please don't eat my supper while I'm gone, Daddy."

"Okay, Baby."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Place to Sleep.

Chris and I have considered this for a long time, but this year was the year we finally got around to it.

We decided to get new, matching bedroom furniture.

For the first time in our marriage.

Our bedroom was a hodge-podge of family furniture (including this dangerously sharp-handled piece that sent my sleepwalking self to the emergency room),IMG_6532

An unused cat perch,IMG_6534
And cheap furniture that we bought when we got married or even had before that: IMG_6537
And so, we set out to actually have a MATCHING bedroom. It was an arduous process, involving visiting EVERY furniture store in Birmingham.

However, it was greatly aided by the fact that Chris and I apparently have the EXACT same taste – a very handy thing for a marriage.

But, we finally got it (at Mazer’s – and they were great to deal with, as opposed to the nightmare that we went through to get Ali’s big girl bed from Ashley Furniture).

Here’s the before:IMG_6535

And the after:IMG_6644

The mirror that Chris bought me for Christmas matches perfectly:

AND we even got an extra piece, the entertainment center.IMG_6648

The one thing I really love about it is the size – the furniture is all much bigger and taller than our old pieces, which, oddly enough, makes the room feel bigger.

Now we just need to get the walls decorated. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boring Percentiles.

I took Ali in for her 3 year old check up today! It's really wild that it's time for that, but it makes me feel good that I still have three days until she's ACTUALLY three...

But at any rate, I was looking at all of her percentiles, so I decided I'd post them here. Because that's what B-Sides is for - all of my boring stuff.

2 Months:
Weight: 10 lbs 14 oz, 50th perccentile
Height: 23.5 in, 90th percentile

4 Months: this is the only one I'm missing, but I remember she'd only gained 2 ounces, which is what prompted us to finally realize why she'd been so unhappy...

6 Months:
Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz, 50th percentile
Height: 26.25 in, 75th percentile
Head Diameter: 44 cm, 90th percentile

9 Months:
Weight: 20 lbs 6 oz, 75th percentile
Height: 28 in, 75th percentile
Head Diameter: 45.5 cm, 90th percentile

12 Months:
Weight: 23 lbs 4 oz, 80th percentile
Height: 29.5 in, 75th percentile
Head Diameter: 48 cm - WAY off the charts!

15 Months:
Weight: 25.2 lbs, 75th percentile
Height: 31.5in, 75th percentile
Head Diameter: 48.5 cm, just barely off the charts.

18 Months:
Weight: 25 lbs 8 oz, 75th Percentile
Height: 33 inches, 85th Percentile
Head: 49 cm, 97th percentile

2 Years:
Weight: 29 lbs 8 oz, 80th Percentile
Height: 34 1/2 ", 75th Percentile
Head: 51 cm, >97th Percentile

3 Years:
Weight: 34 lbs, 80th Percentile
Height: 39 ", 80th Percentile
And they didn't tell me about her huge head this time. . . .

Monday, January 4, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Six.

Pop reading to Ali and Eli on Christmas eve..

Ali’s bed railing has a cupholder on it. Of course we haven’t told her that it’s to hold a drink, so she’s found an alternative use for it:IMG_6486

IMG_6488Good thing she can’t read yet.

Ali got really cozy with Kitty when they were finding objects in her look and find book:IMG_6590

And even her toes got in on the finding action.IMG_6591
A few pictures of the madness before the kids went to bed at our New Year’s Eve Party:IMG_6699

Ali was a good Princess Hostess…


She even shared her Princess Accessories.

Including with the boys, but I’m too fearful of my life to post those pictures.

The next day, all of Ali’s princesses were missing. I searched EVERYWHERE for them. It took forever, but I finally found them..IMG_6708

Why does somebody always have to get iced?

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Fourteen

My Mom's cat is not very nice, and Mom has drilled this into Ali and Eli's heads so that they'll leave her alone to spare their good health. It's stuck with Ali. On the way to Gramamma's the other day, Ali was wearing a new Princess Crown. She told me excitedly,

"I want to show Gramamma and Pop and Nick and Shadow and their Un-Sweet Kitty Cat my crown!!!"
Randomly, she informed me, "Only girls can be Princesses, Mommy. Not Ryan, though."

I'm not sure if she was implying that Ryan was a girl but couldn't be a Princess, or if she was just making sure to EMPHASIZE the fact that he could not, under any circumstances, be a Princess.
After I took some pictures of her (and apparently saying "Say Cheese!!!" one too many times), she said, "I want to see my cheeses now."
Anytime we go to the Post Office (to mail all of your wonderful prizes and whatnot), Ali LOVES throwing things away in their swinging door trash can. I always give her my scraps as I'm finishing up my packages, and she's a happy girl.

The other day we went in, and I didn't have any trash. She begged for some, and I told her I didn't have any. So she said, "Well do you have some money so that you can buy me some trash?"
Overheard conversation with herself in the backseat: "I don't have a stepmother that lives at my house. I don't have mean girls there either."

Thank goodness. That'd be a bit awkward if she had a Stepmother that lived here too.
We were at Target going through the after Christmas clearance items, and she wanted to hold a roll of wrapping paper. I obliged, but then she wanted one for the other hand. I said no, and kept looking at what I was looking at.

She walked over until she was right in front of me, lifted up her empty hand as high as she could get it, and said desperately, "But this hand is so SAAAAAAAD!"

She made me laugh, so I awarded her a second roll.

However, she now thinks this is a great trick. She tried it again the other day with something else, and I didn't give in. So she got even more pitiful sounding and said, "But this hand is CRYING now!!!"

Wow, she's going to be a little manipulator.
Chris took down our Christmas lights, something she was none too happy about. She apparently was so unhappy with him that she gave him a Daddy demotion. As we were pulling into the driveway the other day, she said sadly, "Did Chris take down the Christmas lights, Mommy?"
Her new big girl bed has a pull-out trundle that looks like a drawer under her bed. We refer to it as "AJ's Bed."

AJ was to have her debut Thursday night for our New Year's Eve party, so of course it was a constant topic of conversation throughout the day.

Once, she asked, "Does AJ have an Ali bed like I have an AJ bed?"

And then later, she worriedly said, "Is Ashley going to close her up in the bed?"

I guess the drawer-ness of it was really confusing her.
We've been playing Princesses in her dollhouse quite a bit. The other day, we got Ariel all dressed in the wedding dress and ready to get married. I asked her where the prince was, and she said in a very irritated voice, "He's on the COUCH."

Silly Typical Prince.